July 16, 2019

Today is a rant.

My position is again being threatened because metrics aren’t good enough. It’s so frustrating when I don’t have enough help to maintain excellent patient care and provide excellent service. I simply cannot be in two places at once, and neither can my technician. I rarely have more than 1 technician at a time.

I clearly do not know how to communicate with the other pharmacist I work with as that pharmacist doesn’t listen and retain anything I say. Sadly, upper management considers it my fault that the other pharmacist can’t recite policy. I would like to state that I have gone through all the material with this pharmacist more than once, have created a binder with printed materials outlining every single thing management wants, and have shown the pharmacist exactly where to find it (in plain sight!!!).

I’m having a terrible time finding new technicians. Half or more cannot pass the entry questionnaires and are eliminated before I can even speak with them. Others schedule interviews and don’t show up. The rest don’t call back to even schedule. I would take high school students at this point!

One good thing: My technicians are motivated to complete tasks to help me retain my position. Half have said they would quit if I was forced to leave. It’s reassuring, but I really need the numbers to back it up and retain my job. Thank goodness my student loans are paid off.

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