July 17, 2019

I had a lovely interaction with a woman looking for a product I had never heard of. I found it on our company website and offered to order it for her. The process was super smooth, she received free shipping, and was able to pay at the counter. She was super sweet and appreciative. She was pretty mesmerized by our ordering system, and I was glad we could get her what she needed.

I was infuriated by my pharmacist coworker. This pharmacist puts blocks on the sale of so many prescriptions for stupid reasons. Yeah, interactions make increase certain risks but most are health condition predisposed. There was also a block on a cholesterol medication because the patient had received a different one in May…. not a big deal right? Sure, except that this was a refill and had already been addressed last month. I was irritated that my time, my patient’s time, and my technician’s time were disrupted by an unnecessary consultation.

I’m really proud of my technicians. They’ve become so much more competent and confident lately. I can just hand them things to get done, and they do the work without question. It relaxes me so much to have less on my plate and be able to count on them to get things done.

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