August 16, 2019

So my senior technician resigned after being interviewed and admitting to using illegal drugs. Fortunately, I have 2 new hires in process, so I shouldn’t have too much lag in technician coverage. One new hire is young with some medical field experience; I’m not sure if she’ll last long though. The second is a long-time certified technician who got laid off when her employer was bought out by a big chain. I have high hopes for her and our services. I’m hoping to get MTM going again. Having a technician help manage the administrative stuff will allow me to provide those services I really want to do.

As for my other technicians, they seem excited to have some new blood coming into the pharmacy. Two techs are going back to school next week and want their hours reduced. One tech is leaving for boot camp mid-September. That leaves me with 1 full-time tech before the new hires are working regularly. I hope to have them trained enough before September hits.

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