September 4, 2019

Staffing changes are rough. They can be good, like us getting rid of a super negative technician. They can also be bad, like hiring someone who shows zero initiative. Stagnation can be just as bad. I am irritated just seeing my staff pharmacist who just cannot retain information and repeatedly makes errors that I have to fix. Simple concepts like reading patient profile notes would prevent so many problems, yet this pharmacist is “too busy” to do it.

Working for a major corporation is going from frustrating and defeating to frightening. It used to be that pharmacy managers only had their bonuses affected when it came to metrics. Now, salaries may be negatively affected if metrics aren’t met. Staff pharmacists are being included in the metric-affected salary issue too. To top it off, managers are required to “have talks” with any subordinates who discuss unionization to prevent this activity. It just feels wrong.

Flu shot season is now upon us. So far, it’s been pretty manageable. We get a handful of shots per day, so it hasn’t disrupted workflow much. I honestly don’t mind giving shots. I have a reputation for doing that well, and it’s an opportunity for me to leave my “cage” and even *gasp* have a seat for a moment! I’m also pushing eligible individuals to get Prevnar13 before Medicare stops covering it. ACIP recommended against regular vaccination with Prevnar13 in the 65+ population due to presumed herd immunity. I say “Keep the herd strong! Get the vaccine while it’s still covered!” I honestly believe next year will bring no coverage for the vaccine in the 65+ population.

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